Workshop Producer Wanted...

We've just posted our job ad for a new position that has been created within our team-Associate Producer.

View the ad here, it will be an awesome job for the right person.

The Associate Producer will coordinate and manage a 10 week workshop program that engages participants to learn how to make music using accessible and fun-to-use tools, develop collaboration and performance skills, establish mentoring relationships and build social networks.

The Associate Producer will have the prerequisite skills and experience to independently coordinate and facilitate responsibilities, including but not limited to:

Create, or assist in the creation of session plans for Hack Sounds sessions
Set up gear for Hack Sounds sessions
Support external facilitators, and lead Hack Sounds sessions where necessary
Support and guide small to medium sized groups of participants through a learning program
Utilise technology to capture audio and visual content
Maintaining monitoring and reporting documents
Taking part in meetings to track progress of the project
Communication with Hack Sounds group members
Assist to manage logistics where required for group members participation
Recruitment and supervision of volunteer facilitators and mentors
Assist with content documentation, website management, promotion and social media

The role will be around 6 hours per week to start, but this will likely increase as the project evolves. Click through to the ad to apply.

Hack Sounds x Accessible Arts

Accessible Arts provided the seed funding for the Hack Sounds program, to support an inclusive community music program at 107 Projects. They came along for a couple of sessions and our performance, and had a chat with us about the program as a whole.

Take a look at the video, above, with some lovely shots from the film-maker, Hugh Clark, and some background on our little micro-utopian music program. Something which is not highlighted in video is the fundamental underpinning philosophy of our program-inclusion. Hack Sounds is not a disability music program, it's an inclusive community electronic music program, which includes people with a disability. At Hack Sounds, we're strong believers in inclusive practices, for people with a disability, people from diverse cultural backgrounds, different genders, different skill levels, what-have-you. We are an adult "serious leisure" program which seeks to provide a fun and welcoming place to create music collaboratively, utilising tools that are generally very accessible, and be able to be used by all people.

The music in the video was developed by Hack Sounds members, during Hack Sounds sessions, with a little post-production from Hack Sounds producer, Piri Rutherford, check it out below:

Hack Sounds x Roland = Good times

On Monday, David from Roland was kind enough to drop by 107 to show off Roland's epic AIRA range, including freakin awesome synths, drum machines, vocoders, DJ controllers and more... We had a great turn out, and got properly stuck into testing out all of the things. It was pretty noisy, and mildly chaotic, but that's how we roll. In the words of one of our regular group members, "Best Hack Ever!". Here's to many more, and even better Hack Sounds events... Pics below.


Turning the material we work on within our sessions has always been a goal for Hack Sounds. So when Accessible Arts, whose funding initiated the whole project, asked us for some music to soundtrack a short film they had commissioned about our program, it seemed like an ideal opportunity to do just that.

Constructing a brief based on the placeholder music for the draft of the video we had been sent, we set about turning a piece we had developed during one of our session, and had performed for our show, into a smooth House tune. It had originally been slower, with a slight Classical feel, so first we sped it up and then worked out some other elements. We played with some different sounds and beat structures, and got a basic arrangement together.

Some mild post-production and mixing, and voila:

Hack Sounds x Roland

2017 is a go. We've got a lot of big plans for this year-more will be announced as we confirm details, but first up:

Any followers of our medias-insta, FB or meetup, will already know, but we've finalised a super exciting upcoming Hack Sounds community day, with those legends of music technology, Roland, bringing their Aira range to 107.

Included will be their new version of their legendary 808 drum machine, as well as the System-1 and TR-8 synths, the TB-3 Touch Bass, the VT-3 Vocal Processor, MX-1 mixer and the phenomenal DJ 808 controller, which serves to completely blur the line between DJing, Remixing and Producing music. If you're a slasher-DJ/Producer-this bit of kit is for you, as it allows you to add drums, samples, vocoder and external instruments to your DJ mixing. Which is sick.

They'll give an overview of the functions and techniques for each of the tools, then we can all get hands on...

Anyways, the event will be 6-8pm March 6 at 107 Redfern Street, Redfern.

Please RSVP at

Hack Sounds Ensemble LIVE - Our first performance

Some of the attendees to Hack Sounds sessions performed live at 107 Projects on December 2nd. Although it's very early days, and we still need to work on our stage craft to make it a more engaging and enjoyable experience (it's early days!), it was still great fun, and something to build on...

Photos by Andrew Boerma:

Hack Sounds LIVE this Friday

Probably a good idea to start doing some performance prep then...