What Is Hack Sounds?
  Hack Sounds was envisaged as an entry point into the world of electronic music production - to learn how to make music using accessible and fun-to-use tools, develop collaboration and performance skills, get music business tips and tricks, and find career development pathways.

Inclusively designed from the ground up to enhance social cohesion, Hack Sounds brings together trained and untrained musicians with varying abilities and experiences into a shared learning space to collaborate and build skills.

The social aspects of this program are key, in terms of the inherent group social opportunities, in mentoring/creative relationships, and more broadly working for changing societal attitudes including all people in our community.

We aim to provide quality, free-to-the-community workshops, both one off, and term based, that not only deliver not only awesome educational opportunities, but also welcoming and enjoyable social events.

Here's a video from one of our funders, Accessible Arts:

It's important to note that while the above video mentions disability and disability programs many times, as Accessible Arts' key directive is Arts and Disability in NSW, our program is focused at delivering to the broader community, but with underpinning techniques and philosophies that result in it being just as useful, accessible and enjoyable for people with a disability-or without any musical skills or knowledge for that matter-as it is for anyone else who participates in any of our events. 

So far we've produced several excellent tracks-although they are not yet mixed or mastered, hence the "demo" in the title, including the soundtracks of both of the above videos. Here's a few more:

And here's the track from the Accessible Arts video:

If you're interested in coming along to any events, or helping out with running the program, drop us a line on hacksounds@107.org.au


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